Everyone has heard horror stories about the house buying process. It’s stressful, long, and in the end, you may not end up with the house of your dreams. That is what my wife and I expected when we first talked about buying especially since we were also in the middle of preparing for our wedding. That is not how it turned out. Everything went perfectly smooth and we owe that to Ben Yoder, our realtor. From the very first meeting, he made us feel at ease like we were talking to an old friend and whenever we wanted to see a house he made sure he was available. We bombarded him with calls and emails about the process and what happens next. Ben answered everything with a smile even if I repeated myself a few hundred times. After we bought the house and I assumed we wouldn’t hear much from him he exceeded expectations again by continuing to check in on us and even helped me move a rather large piece of furniture into my house. I cannot stress how amazing he has been. If you are even thinking about buying a house, give him a call ASAP! ~ Ray and Becci, Centennial, CO