Another scary report about the housing recession? Not a chance! I’m dedicated to providing you with a local, well-researched snapshot of our market. Not the click-bait, less-prepared articles published by news media sources. Investing in real estate is one of your most significant financial decisions. Education empowers you. It replaces fear with confidence. Confidence to move forward or to wait. So, let’s get to August’s stats (provided by DMAR):

– The average sales price slightly decreased (yet is +6.4% more than August 2021).
– Our end-of-month inventory was slightly less than in July (almost double what we had last year).
– The close-price-to-list-price ratio dipped to 99%.

We have a STRONG market, not a “collapsing market,” which we’d see if the statistics had drastic changes. These little dips were common for years before the pandemic, especially going into a new school year/the fall season. Metro Denver is experiencing a more balanced market (and frankly healthier). And as you can see by the amount of inventory and excellent close-to-price ratio/avg. sales price, there are excellent opportunities for both buyers and sellers right now.

So please, take care of yourselves by skipping the scary headlines. Get an accurate, personalized assessment about if YOU should buy or sell right now. Speak to a reputable lender (we have recommendations). And we’ll provide you with the community/neighborhood market data and comparative resources to make the best decision for your needs and goals. Because YOU are my priority. Text or call us about all of your needs: Ben 720-339-1580, Lori 303-210-7053.